Double Roller Feed Grinder Mill

Process many different products with one roller mill. From cracking corn for cattle feed, crimping small grain, down to grinding 600-700± micron.

Lone Star Enterprises Double Mill

At Lone Star we can custom build a double roller grinder mill for you, or rebuild your current double roller grinder to like-new condition. We believe in quality equipment and know that it's the quality that is going to help you be successful. ALL Lone Star Enterprises roller mills are built with solid white cast rollers.

Our rollers can be re-sharpened many times or exchanged for sharp rolls. They are not a "throw away" roll and can be re-grooved if the product you are using changes. Lone Star roller mills are also built with service in mind. Although the rolls are heavy, they are easy to remove for re-grooving or replacement. Occasionally we work with used mills as well. Call us today to get a quote on your new or rebuilt double roller feed grinder mill!