Single Mills / Crackers

Get a uniform crack or crimp, for large or small grain, depending on the roll corrugation. Running a 1:1 differential, at a higher rpm (allowed by quality balanced rolls) than most other single pair manufacturers, allows for a greater capacity from the same size mill. Whatever your budget or needs entail, Lone Star Enterprises, Inc. is happy to work with you to provide you with the machine you require.

9 x 12 Single Mill with stand add-on

9 x 12 Cracker with custom stand and custom gate hopper

9 x 12 Single Mill w/surge hopper

Single Mill with gravity scalper and small surge hopper add-on

Double Roller Mill

Doubles are designed to grind product down more than a single roller and get down as far as 600 micron. With a double roller you have the ability to still crack with the top set of rollers while having the ability to get the finer grind by utilizing the second set of rollers as necessary.

Triple Mill Advantages

Triples will process many different products with one roller mill when paired with the correct controls, corrugations, and ratios. From cracking corn for cattle feed, crimping small grain, all the way down to grinding 500± micron hog feed; the triple allows the most versatility. Triple mills can also have more capacity over the double mills with the same size rolls.

Triple Pair Roller Feed Grinder Mill

Triple roller mills are the most versatile of all roller mills. They not only allow you to grind the 500± micron you need, but by adding a simple VFD you can run your rolls at a 1:1 ratio to crack corn with fewer fines; roll oats, and other small grain.

The triple mills will allow you to grind more types of grains. From flax, barley, and wheat, to corn.

You do not have to purchase a new mill if you already have an existing double mill. By adding another set of rolls under your existing double, you will have a triple stage mill with half the expense. Depending on the product, most customers see an increase in their capacity by going to a triple stage mill.

ALL Lone Star Enterprises roller mills are built with solid white cast rollers. Our rollers can be re-sharpened many times or exchanged for sharp rolls. They are not a "throw away" roll and can be re-grooved if the product you are using changes. Lone Star roller mills are also built with service in mind. Although the rolls are heavy, they are easy to remove for re-grooving or replacement. Occasionally we work with used mills as well. Call us today to get a quote on your new or rebuilt triple grinder and/or converting your double to a triple!



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Brew Mills

Brew Mills

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