Benefits of a customized, durable roller mill

Benefits of a customized, durable roller mill

As an alternative to traditional millstones used to grind flour, the roller mills of today are able to crush a variety of materials other than grain – such as ore, gravel and plastic. Because of our years of experience, we know which manufacturing methods work and which don’t.

After realizing we needed to advance the roller mill industry, we decided to fabricate our own with solid cast rolls and internally braced frames. Our mills have been used to reduce particle size for soybeans, beans, corn, dried vegetables, barley, and wheat. Besides your typical cereal grains we have produced machines that have ground palm seeds, garbanzo beans, and flax seed. At LSE Manufacturing in Worthing, SD, we understand the importance of each component and how to ensure everything works together, so you can worry more about the job at hand and less about your machinery.

While LSE Manufacturing creates and produces customized roller mills, we also repair and service them through our parent company, Lone Star Enterprise.

When you need a customized roller mill produced that will meet all of your grinding needs, call LSE Manufacturing in Worthing, SD, today.

Roller Mills and Grinders built by Lone Star are built with the customer, operator and service personnel in mind. Over a period of many years, we have worked on numerous brands of mills of different sizes and performing different functions. We have also listened to the customer to find out what is important to them in a roller mill. From this we have taken the good points, eliminated the bad points, and strengthened a few weak points we have found.

Some points that need to be seriously considered when building or buying a roller-grinder mill are:

- Absolute control of the movable rolls. We have incorporated an adjustable slide system on the movable rolls so as the machine wears, which any movable part will, you can adjust for this wear; saving replacing costly parts years down the road.
- Eccentric shaft collars and related parts, which are all machined by CNC, allow a larger more precise wear surface for longer durability.
- Solid-Rigid frame. Our frames are 1/2”-5/8” plate steel with roll slope pans welded on the inside of the frame and adjustable wear guides. This helps greatly on providing a rigid non-flexing frame that will keep your rolls in parallel both directions.

* Roll parallel control. Our bearing assembly allows you to parallel and also allows for you to “tram”. Thus, having vertical and horizontal parallel of the rolls. This allows the rolls to grind across the whole length of the roll
surface; increasing quality of the grind, capacity, and longevity of the

* Easy of maintenance and service. All components that need to be
greased are accessible externally. No guards to be removed to do
regular maintenance. Belt’s are easy to replace and tension. Rolls
can be opened wide, with one handle, in a plug-up situation. Simple
motor adjustment. Rarely are idlers needed for less maintenance.

* Automation and roll speed control. With our mills you are able to

1. Automate your mill to monitor your motor amp draw keeping the feeder roll running your roller mill at top capacity.

2. Add a simple VFD to control fines in your crack(large grain)/crimp(small grain) by running the rolls at a 1:1 ratio.

3. We can also help the smaller operators with automated systems!

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